Why I Chose To Share My Experiences – my first post

My experiences in recent months and years have been used by God to draw me closer to Him in ways I may have never recognized before.  I have experienced intense heartache, amazing grace, love and support, anger and frustration, and so many other emotions it is near indescribable.  YET, through it all Christ has been revealed in my heart, soul, and mind like never in my life.  Resting on His promises and delighting in his presence is the one thing that has gotten, and will continue to get, me through.

As I began to share my experiences with others around me, I found a peace and liberation in being open, honest, raw, and transparent.  A way of life I now embrace.  In doing so I believe I allowed God to release me from sin and guilt I was holding on to for many years.  I also quickly became aware just how many others were struggling with the same issues and I was and how sharing with them was an encouragement.  In addition, it is simply great therapy to get thoughts and emotions out and what better way than to the masses.

I am no one special.  Simply someone who has a desire to see myself and others come closer to Christ, to see us delivered through circumstances by the power of God, and to embrace His fullness in all we do.

Seek Him today…. be blessed.

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