WHO AM I? part 2

who am iFrom prior post… “The titles of the world are temporary and ultimately do not define who we are.”

This realization came at a critical time in my life.  I was in the midst of a divorce, something I had never contemplated as even being possible, something I had no desire for, and yet something I could not stop.  My wife chose to end our marriage for the sake of another man.

The majority of my life my identity was strongly based on my role as a husband.  Now that this identity was gone, I was struggling to understand who I was.  Redefining identity after a loss is a process, one I am continuing through to this day.  About a month ago these words, spoken by a gentlemen I had never met before, had a profound impact on me.  It’s a simple concept, but one we all too often forgotten until we are faced with a crisis.

“Who am I”?  We ought not to look to this world for the answer.  Better yet, restate the question…. “Who am I, in Christ?”

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WHO AM I? part 1

Who am II recently was in a church setting with a large group of people, many of whom I did not know.  There were the typical pleasantries and introductions, but one stood out more than any other.  An experience I reflected on for days and weeks after.  As we have all experienced, the typical introduction to a stranger goes something like this…..

“Hi, I am__________.  And you are…?”  you politely give your name and wait for the next question you already know is coming… “What do you do?”  The socially prescribed answer relates to your chosen career or current employment situation, and typically stops there.  Conversation over.

In this instance, however, I was caught off guard by the uncommon follow up question after providing my name… “who are you.”  As opposed to the career related answer, i referenced my family connections.  He stared at me somberly and said… “No, who are you?  What are you about?”  What was he asking?  Who Am I simply cut to the core and was a question that I realized did not have a solid answer for.

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Why I Chose To Share My Experiences – my first post

My experiences in recent months and years have been used by God to draw me closer to Him in ways I may have never recognized before.  I have experienced intense heartache, amazing grace, love and support, anger and frustration, and so many other emotions it is near indescribable.  YET, through it all Christ has been revealed in my heart, soul, and mind like never in my life.  Resting on His promises and delighting in his presence is the one thing that has gotten, and will continue to get, me through.

As I began to share my experiences with others around me, I found a peace and liberation in being open, honest, raw, and transparent.  A way of life I now embrace.  In doing so I believe I allowed God to release me from sin and guilt I was holding on to for many years.  I also quickly became aware just how many others were struggling with the same issues and I was and how sharing with them was an encouragement.  In addition, it is simply great therapy to get thoughts and emotions out and what better way than to the masses.

I am no one special.  Simply someone who has a desire to see myself and others come closer to Christ, to see us delivered through circumstances by the power of God, and to embrace His fullness in all we do.

Seek Him today…. be blessed.